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    JP Morgan

    X1R Pro Cup



    powered by Automotive Specialists


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    Automotive Specialists' success continues with sealed engine!
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    Land Speed records

    Keith Dorton and Don Jones.  Don Jones record D Gas Roadster - 219.831 mph

    Mark Jones - C Gas RMR - 256.590 mph  Both powered by Automotive Specialists

    Automotive Specialists engines currently hold several land spead records at

    the Bonneville Salt Flats.  What can we do for you?

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Keith Dorton and our team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for our dependable race engines.  It's a reputation we have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams, with a Daytona 500 winning team among them.  Call us today to discuss how we can make you a winner.
Hickory - 2014

Hope to see you all at Hickory for the last ProCup race of the season!

October 18, 2014 - 7 pm

Race Results

Great Race Weekend for Automotive Specialists!

Nick Bailey at Toledo Speedway



CARS ProCup Race at Motormile

Pole:  Caleb Holman

1st JP Morgan

2nd Brian Keselowski

all powered by Automotive Specialists, Inc.

Engine Power - New Episode
New episode for Engine Power will air this weekend! 
Episode includes more from Keith.
Set your DVR's for: 
Saturday, 7:30 am  -  CBS Sports Network
Sunday, 8:30 am - CBS Sports Network
Sunday, 9:30 am - Spike
Friday (22nd), 12:30 pm - NBC Sports Network


Engine Power

Tune in to Spike this Sunday at 9:30 am to see Keith in Engine Power


2014 Racing Season

Automotive Specialists, Inc. has won numerous races in 2014!   Congratulations to all the drivers and teams for an excellent start to 2014!

Winners include

X1R CARS Pro Cup Series

Southern National - Caleb Holman

Hickory - Colman Pressley


PASS South

       Orange County - Roger Newton


Automotive Specialists Advantages
We have winners from all classes of racing
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Automotive Specialists Drivers, Employees & Fans
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